Elevating Your Experience

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We’re always looking for ways to take your Digital Banking experience to the next level.


With greater personalization, faster navigation, advanced security, and easier money movement, you’ll be empowered to discover financial freedom like never before.


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Before the upgrade, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of the elevated Digital Banking experience:

Checkmark If you haven’t already, update your Digital Banking password

Checkmark Confirm or update your account info, like email address and phone number

Checkmark Update your BCU mobile app – either on launch day or by activating auto-updates on your Apple or Android device. Please note the auto-update setting is applied to all apps on your device; do not apply this setting if you do not want all your apps to update automatically.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to update my BCU mobile app?

    Yes, please visit your device’s App Store and update the BCU Mobile Banking app to continue to the elevated experience. Be sure to update your web browser for desktop access, too

  • Why the upgrade?

    We’ve upgraded Digital Banking to deliver even more innovative and in-demand features. Important day-to-day tools that you rely on did not change.

  • What’s upgraded in Digital Banking?

    We’ve upgraded your Digital Banking experience with a clean new look that’s consistent across all devices, like desktop and mobile, along with feature enhancements to help you manage your finances easily and securely, like:

    • A Financial Learning Center, previously Life. Money. You., offering well-Being tools including spending analysis, spending forecast, financial health checkup, and the ability to link account balances and activity from other financial institutions.
    • Card Controls & Alerts that let you manage credit and debit cards in one place. View transactions, set alerts, set customized criteria for when a purchase is declined or accepted, turn cards on or off, set travel notices, and more.
    • A streamlined, intuitive, and personalized dashboard. You can customize what you see to personalize your experience – such as turning tiles on/off, reordering and hiding accounts.
    • Security Profile Lock notifies you in real-time when unrecognized devices login to your account.
    • Student Loan access now allows you to see your balance information, add a nickname, and perform account management related activities.
    • Investment Account access now allows you to see your balance information, add a nickname, and perform account management related activities.
  • Why do I see red transactions with a negative sign when I log in?

    You will see red transactions with a negative sign to indicate debits to your account balance. Please be aware this does not indicate that your overall balance is negative. You can quickly reference your overall account balance to verify the balance information.

  • What about Bill Payments?

    Verify, add, or modify bill payments using Bill Pay within Digital Banking. If you have multiple profiles, which include both primary and/or joint accounts, you may need to switch profiles to complete bill payment transactions. To switch Digital Banking profiles in the app, choose Menu, then choose Switch Profile.

  • How do I set up profile pictures and nicknames within Digital Banking?

    To set up profile pictures using the mobile app:

    1. Navigate to the profile of choice
    2. Choose Menu
    3. Then Settings
    4. Then Profile
    5. Select the profile image
    6. Then add an image from your photo library or take a photo
    7. If you have multiple Digital Banking profiles, please switch profiles and follow the same steps as above

    To set up nicknames using the mobile app:

    1. Start on the Accounts list in mobile banking
    2. Choose the share or loan you would you like to nickname
    3. Select Details
    4. Under Account Nickname, choose the pencil icon
    5. Enter your nickname, and select Save
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